Aluminum Photo Panel - Yosemite - Bridal Veil Falls - YOS-BRI

Aluminum Photo Panel - Yosemite - Bridal Veil Falls - YOS-BRI

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Bridal Veil Falls is beautiful from a distance as well as up close--if you're at Yosemite early enough in the season. Depending on the time of day the play of light and shadow creates an ever changing show.

All our original photography is available in a variety of sizes. Each piece comes with a shadow mount that can be adhered to the back for easy hanging. 

  • Size: Variety - Sizes & pricing displayed during checkout process
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Full Color 
  • Printed in the USA
  • 2% of our sales goes to organizations focused on feeding people.

Through our art we hope to provide a new view of our world, to notice its intrinsic beauty and texture, and to experience on a deeper level something larger than ourselves. The reality of our interconnectedness drives our work and Social Good Goods’ mission.

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